After spending over 30 years combined working at Greensboro’s renowned Starmount Company, Kevin Pegram and Lindy Pope found themselves at a crossroads when the company decided to sell all of its holding and close their doors. Although the uncertainty was real, Kevin and Lindy chose to begin a new venture together in January 2013 by opening Kylind Services/Kylind Realty. Their previous experiences together overseeing residential development, new home construction, residential marketing and property management were re-created in this new business and, in addition, they added home remodeling and real estate sales to their offerings. Interesting note: The name Kylind is actually the combined names of Kevin’s daughters – Kyleigh and Lindsay. 


As unexpected entrepreneurs, Kevin and Lindy have both contributed countless hours and lots of dedicated efforts to the business to attain success. They strove to be successful from day one, and the momentum has not slowed down. Together, they have created a flourishing enterprise that now hails hundreds of satisfied clients and customers. Since opening the doors over 6 years ago, the business has grown to include support staff and now a new real estate team member, Melvina Smith.  Whether it’s through the purchase of an existing home, a new home, or remodeling the old one, creating the opportunity for our customers to have the home of their dreams is our top priority. 


“In the 5th grade I could have said “Lindy, can I borrow a pencil and will you sell me a house?”… who knew! So many years later, I KNEW that you were the BEST to help us with what could have been a difficult process. Not one single hiccup and we’ll be moving in soon. Thank you so much for making it all look effortless (when I know there was a ton of work on your part). You truly are the best and I recommend you all the time as a friend and now as a client.”

 L. Shively, Buyer

“We couldn’t believe what a transformation Kylind Services made to the house. Kevin and the team were a true pleasure to work with and we will refer anyone who needs a home renovation to them.”


The Cottrells


Our Mission Statement:

Our philosophy is simple: clients come first. We pledge to be in constant communication with our clients, keeping them fully informed throughout the entire buying or selling process. We believe that if you’re not left with an amazing experience, we haven’t done our job. We don’t measure success through achievements or awards, but through the satisfaction of our clients.

Working With Real Estate Agents